WAW Handplanes

WAW Handplanes | Two tone moontail

Small waves and long rides

WAW's moontail handplanes have a large surface area and deep concave for maximum lift and control, and sharp rails provide hold and turning power. These handplanes are designed to surf smaller waves and longer rides. Moontail handplanes are ideal for beginner bodysurfers. If you're an experienced bodysurfer, check out the WAW fish tail models.

Every handplane is individually handmade from sustainably sourced plantation white cedar.

The fully adjustable strap system is made from FSC certified Yulex plant based rubber, recycled polyester velcro and Aquas solvent free glues. Amazing.

Wave after wave. That's WAW

The WAW Handplanes story

Get barrelled, leave no trace

Bodysurfing, but not as you know it

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