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Almond Surfboards

Almond | R-Series 5'4 Secret Menu | Black


This board is available for pre-order only - it is not currently in stock. We're only getting one shipment from the US this year, so if you want the Almond R-Series this summer, pre-order and reserve yours before they are gone.

The Secret Menu

Almond call the original PU version of the Secret Menu the longboarder's favourite shortboard because it packs lots of volume and catches waves early.

It might paddle like a longboard but you can ride it extra short and the wide tail will generate speed in smaller surf.

The R-Series is 5'4 x 21 x 2 3/4 with 36 litres of paddle power. In other words, your new favourite summer sled for 1 to 4 foot waves.

Keep it in the car, there's no chance of delamination. Plus there's no need for wax. Amazing.

Please note: The R-Series doesn't come with fins. If you need fins, we'll give you 20% off a set of Futures.

We don't just sell the Almond R-Series, we surf it

R-Series and Futures Fins... the perfect pairing

No fibreglass, no wax, no compromise in shape, rails, or performance

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